About C2 Change

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Our Mission

To provide access to quality behavioral health services to Central Texans and their families regardless of income.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure C2 Change meets the behavioral health needs of children, young adults, individuals, and family members; to serve those who need us most regardless of income; and to continue to be a valuable training site for parents, students, and behavioral health professionals.

Our Board

Lisa J. Kaindl, MBA
Dell, Inc.
Board President
John Sillers
Board Vice President
Stephanie Siegel
Board Treasurer
Jenni Jablonski
Board Secretary
Amber Gunst
Board Member
Vanessa Gish
Board Member
Rey Rocha
Board Member
Lara Long
Board Member
Krystal Bearden
Board Member
Rebecca Steffen
Board Member
Blake Herner
Board Member
Mark Bordas
Aegis Advocacy
Board Member